The idea was conceived on the basis of rising number of families doing micro-farming on their terraces or in small spaces/plots of land but not having the mechanism of selling it, at a price they deserve. Since they do not have the reach, most tend to give away or sell it for a throw away price. One day the economics of the situation will catch up and they will start to lose interest in their passion and that becomes a social issue when we will have to revert back to our dependence on high pesticide used produce. The harmful effects on the overuse of pesticides have created a huge awareness in the public and now the public is not averse to buying organically grown fruits and vegetables. The next logical step was to connect the producer and consumer. Hence a need created this platform.

The next question on our minds was, why not make a site that looks at the community as a whole rather than, a site that only connects producers to consumers. The need for community level interaction is a step forward in creating a cohesive and highly interactive community. To do that we needed to address all segments of the community and hence our website caters to harnessing the skills and hobbies of the entire community for its own benefit.

When we say community it means everyone and that meant offering a full range of services that will appeal to everyone. This entailed that we develop the idea to address the needs of the community which basically is both - Community Resourcing and Community Mobilization. Community Resourcing is what the community can produce/make or like to sell. While Community Mobilization, address the skills that the community has and how to advertise those skills to a wider audience. It is also a forum for retired persons to advertise their skills and make use of their time. Hence the concept of,

We are pair of retired hands, whose motive is to create change in the way we look at ourselves. The march of technology and loss of tradition is creating a community that is self-centered and isolated and the only way to break this isolation is also technology. We have taken the first step and now we hope every visitor to this site will share our vision of creating a highly interactive society. John Donne's poem so aptly put it when he wrote "No man is an isle......"

Our aim is to follow the rest of poem.

Empowering You

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