Be a Life Long Earners

You have time on your hands but is not willing to work full time, then why not work at your leisure and this is calling sparing your time for any given activity. Let us assume you are a retired hand and need to keep yourself occupied for a certain number of hours in a day or week. It can be either for remuneration or charity and is willing to share those skills or time for such activity.
Good examples are taking tuition for students, acting as a consultant for people in various fields in need of such guidance, acting as a bystander for the elderly in hospitals or babysitting them at their homes as the need arises, teaching art and crafts to hobbyist, undertaking odd jobs for the needy etc. Basically advertise what you are willing to do and let the world utilize your services.

Come join us and be a part of the connected world even if you have retired and have time on your hands that you want to turn into gainful experience.

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